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A strong 111mm that can be used by profesionals or civilians, buildt to last.

Maybe I hung myself a little up in the belt cutter because I knew the serrations was sharp but when I got a problem finding materials to be cut and saw that nothing really could stop the blade from doing its job, then I understood that Services Range has extreme qualities.


Should have found some seat belts but I really can not see that they would be any problem for the beltcutter.

Fireman got many great functions to be used and for people to enjoy but I would

recommend this knife if you people think about wanting one.

If I am not mistaken there is a GAK with a blade that looks to be in family!


Maybe the Fireman is alittle to bulky for EDC with enthusiast but I would say that the feeling of having a tool with so many functions and quality in the backsack is a safety for sure!

Many professionals would maybe prefer that the beltcutter could be opened with one hand like on the RescueTool or better like the one that is coming on the new GAK.


My conclusion is that having two blades, one normal edgee and one serrated is a

timeless SAK.

It is ok to be alittle maximal with this and carry the extra weight you will not regret  your choice...