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    Occasionally I get asked what the Secret Order Of Swiss Army Knives name is all about, and while I usually don't like to go too much into detail, as this is a Secret Order, I will take a moment to show you, our devoted members an example of just how far reaching The Order really is.

    I got a private message from a SOSAK member whose identity will remain hidden via our super secret forum at that described exactly how SOSAK has a habit of showing up where least expected.  This member has not been active of late, as he has been somewhat busy at his day job, where he works at a university.  One of his duties involves working with students to help them prepare projects for their various classes.  In this case, a student in a marketing class had to choose a product and build a promotion for it, and the student in question chose, seemingly at random, Victorinox' SwissBit model.  Innocent enough, right?  Certainly it is...

    Imagine the reaction that the absent SOSAK australian casinos online member had when as the student rolled out his project, it bore not the usual Victorinox logo, but instead the ultra secret SOSAK logo instead!  Initially the SOSAK member pretended not to notice, but as time went by he realized that the Inner Circle at SOSAK had secretly brainwashed this poor, innocent student into providing a subtle reminder to the member of where his loyalties lie.

    In the member's own words:

However, the really funny part was the logo that they used. At first it didn't hit me cause I've seen it so much, but then it dawned on me... that's not the official victorinox logo!! Plastered all over their documents was this logo:


Okay, so it didn't have the text at the bottom, but it had the shield with the S - O. I could hardly stop laughing at that point.

    Odd coincidence, or proof of the reach of the Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives?  I'll let you all wonder.... for now.