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    Marc at has been a sponsor of SOSAKOnline and my other project, for years now and is always good to members.  This year is no different.
    When I contacted Marc to see if he wanted to do anything for this year's anniversary celebrations, he was quick to raise his standard discount rate for members from 5% to 10%, which by itself would have been great.  Then, he told me to also offer SOSAK members the chance to win a $25 gift certificate to as well!

    All you need to do to be entered into the draw is to look through and send me an email with what you would spend the gift certificate on if you won, and also make suggestions for any other items you think you would like to see on EDCDepot's site in the future!  Of course Marc isn't promising to add anything to his lineup, but feedback is the best way to keep serving the needs of the community!

    If you are anything like me, this contest should be a breeze to enter as I pretty well always have a want list at EDCDepot- now's your chance to shorten your list too!