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I had a few good purchases on this week, but the SAK collectors here will want to concentrate on two of them. As I mentioned in last week's article there is a nice Money Clip and Space Pen set which came in a beautiful box. The other, is a special edition Rucksack model, which I believe is one of the great unsung SAKs. In fact, a couple of years ago a Rucksack model went with me to visit my father, but never made it home!


This model is a special offering in Switzerland the features a Swiss Cross pattern all over the scales, patterned around the Victorinox Shield. This model is, from my understanding, sold only in Switzerland. Otherwise, this is a standard Rucksack model, featuring a standard blade, can and bottle openers, wood saw, corkscrew, awl, toothpick and tweezers.

I also finally got the pen and Money Clip set that I'd been waiting for. I already have a red money clip, but I'd never seen a red anodized Space Pen, and the box was well worth the money I paid for the set. Of course, like any other SAK you can never have too many Money Clips, although in my particular case, the actual money holding clip seems to go largely unused since I have nothing to feed it!

The box that came with the money clip is, in itself a work of art. It reminds me slightly of the Wenger gift boxes that come with their special edition knives (like this year's Knife Of The Year!) except that it's somewhat bolder, painted in a Victorinox red with the shield on the top. It's hinged like the Wenger boxes, and has a small clasp on the front to keep it shut.

All in all, I am very pleased with the items I've managed to get from other collectors on EDCSource. It really is a great source for knife collectors in general and SAK collectors specifically, and only looks like it's going to get better in the future!