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Danish Army Knife versus Dutch Army Knife

Danish - Solwa   Dutch - Victorinox



3 inches/76mm
3.15 inches/80mm

Clip Point

Slip Joint
Locking Blade

Knife Body

Large Lanyard Hole
Small Lanyard Ring

Olive Green Scales
Olive Green Scales


Can opener with small flat driver, Bottle opener, large flat driver with wire stripper, Awl

General impressions

How do compare anything to a Victorinox or a Wenger? You can put down on paper all the measurements, but how does the knife feel in the pocket? These two are pretty close. It is when you have to take it out of the pocket and start to do something with it, that is were the difference is. The list of missing tools is longer the list of tools.  Bottle opener? I guess you could always drink canned beer. Flat bladed screw drives? There is going to be a lot of FORD cars on the side of the road. (LOL)  Wire stripper? I can really say I have never used that option. I am sure someone does. Phillips screwdriver? I am sure there will be a lot of CHEVYS on the side of the road. (LOL)  Awl? Not used very often, but what else could replace such an important tool? So let’s have a look at the bottle opener. When I first saw this Danish Army Knife on the web, I was trying to figure out what happened to the scales. You can see where the “scuffs” or “cuts” are. I do not think I have ever seen any kind of damage like that on any Victorinox or Wenger. I wonder what the knuckles look like on the poor Danish soldiers.  If you look at the back of the body, you will see the rust proofing is not the same. The lanyard hole of the Danish knife is bigger than the Dutch knife. You can feed Paracord threw the hole a lot easier than the Dutch knife. My last comment is about the general shape of the knife. It looks Danish. If you go to You Tube and look for Denmark's Speed Bandits, you will see what I mean.  A great knife to add to your day pack, but not as useful as a Wenger or Victorinox.  It will make a great conversation starter around the fireside. Have you seen my newest D.A.K.? I make the score Victorinox 6,  Solwa 1.  On sex appeal, the Solwa is the winner. ( Right?)