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    From the moment you walk in the door at Freeport Knife Company in Freeport Maine, you know you are in the presence of a serious Swiss Army collector’s shop.  Maybe it’s the large Bantam cutout on the outside, maybe it’s the display case full of drool-worthy rare and collectable SAKs just inside the door, or maybe it’s the numerous Victorinox clocks.  It’s hard to tell what sets the blood pumping most, but none of the stuff on the walls or in the display cases prepared me for perhaps the most interesting treasure in the store!

    Doug Dillman, owner of Freeport Knife Company was huddled under the counter when we walked in, putting a new shipment of various SAKs away- of course I was too busy staring at the large pile of SAKs and completely missed the person in there!  We started speaking to a young gentleman named Dave, who I said would be famous as of the first of October, at least in the SAK world, so if you would all please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. saying Hello, you will protect my honor!

Soon To Be Famous Dave!

    As you can see form some of the collection shots, Doug is a big time collector- in fact, the names Doug Dillman and Freeport Knife Company shouldn’t be news to any members of the Official Victorinox Collector’s Society, as Doug has been supporting them for years, processing membership fees with his credit card machine, and arranging the annual VSAKCS Club Knives- not to be confused with the SOSAK Knife Of The Year!

Doug studies a Scibeer HAIII Farmer closely!

    In addition to keeping the full line of Victorinox models in stock, and having some oddball and rare Victorinox’s lying around, ready for some drooling SAK nut like myself to abscond with, Doug is also a veritable fountain of information, having been an employee of Victorinox for years, and having actually worked in the factory in Ibach- what many of us would consider a dream vacation!

    And, as if that wasn’t more than enough, Doug also stocks the full line of Victorinox kitchen knives, tactical and fixed blade knives, kitchen gadgets, sharpeners… the whole nine yards!  Make sure you check out his site at but don’t worry about crashing it as Doug assures us he will be expanding and rebuilding it soon to better serve the online community!

    Stay tuned for more about Doug and Freeport Knife Company- I guarantee this isn’t the last you will have heard of them here on SOSAKOnline!

At least we know he has good taste in websites!