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Ok first of let me point out that I am far from anti-multitool (Micky_D is a moderator in the forums at, I just feel that SAKs are getting unfairly overlooked these days, and the market emphasise has shifted to plier based tool's, so I'm just trying to redress the balance all on my own!

Well I think we can all agree that the ''little red toolbox'' is pretty damn useful, for well over a hundred years now they've been helping people get through there daily lives, earning there keep as working knives, and even saving a few lives. But more and more people are reaching for a plier based tool? On first appearance the MT would seem to have the more utility, but has it really? You can get a SAK with an identical, if not greater tool load out for quite a bit less money, size and weight than your average LM/SOG/Gerber, just by sacrificing a set of full sized pliers!

The fact is most day to day to tasks can really be carried out by a Vic Spartan or Wenger Evo 10, without the need for a belt pouches, or very full pockets!, Need to pull a nail out of a wall?, use the inside of the bottle opener to grip the head of the nail wrap your finger around the opener and pull! It just needs a bit more ingenuity and imagination to get the job done. I came to this conclution a while back when I realized that there was nothing on my bicycle (I'm a treehugger!) that could realistially be fixed by either my Spirit or my Swisstool X, all bolt's are tighted to such a degree that all your going to be able to achieve is to round off the bolt, which are then going to need a set of molegrips to put right!, I'm sure it a similar story with most forms of transport, and indeed other forms of machinery.


Like it or not with live in hostile times if your a knife/tool lover, and as someone unlucky enough to be in the UK I can tell you it's VERY hostile!, so openly wearing a belt mounted tool, even if you've every right too, is not always the wisest course of action, you might feel your making a statement by carrying a big shiney tool from your belt, and fair play to you if you do, but in my experience it's best not to draw to much unwanted attention to yourself. So I've come full circle and am back carrying the ''friendly red toolbox'' and people rarely bat an eyelid! It seem that despite having 'Knife' in its title the Swiss Army Knife isn't regarded as a weapon of mass destruction, so you can get on with your work safe in the knowledge that despite being in full veiw of everyone, probably no ones called the police!


Like it or not, those in power are using knives as a platform for cheap and easy votes, the knife paranoia is so bad, that harsher legislation isn't going to be too far behind, the worlds media will see to that!

So your locking OH Multitool that your only aloud to carry with a good reason anyway, could very soon be ruled illegal (no I'm not scaremoungering), the unlocking sub 3 inch bladed Sak on the other hand should remain safe for a good few years yet to come. and it's not just the UK, Germany and Switzerland have banned One Handed blade's, and you've got to imagine that all European countries are at least considering similar proposals, why else would Victorinox be dragging it's heel's to develop a OH Swisstool or Spirit?, there's no domestic market for them, and pretty soon it'd be only the Northern American markets left to sell it too, but even then for how much longer?


Despite the somewhat negitive out look I've painted I do love multitools and will probably continue to buy them.  Certainly I'm looking forward to the next generation of Swiss multitool's when ever they're due to come out, but I just wish SAKs wouldn't get overlooked- as far as I'm concerned you only need a Farmer and a little imagination to get through 99% of life's hassels.

So here's to the 'Little Red Toolbox' the original and still the best!