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Congratulations you are being considered for ownership of a Swiss Army Knife.  Please take time to read and understand the history and the ownership guidelines.

If you agree with the demands and reasonability of ownership then please sign the contract below and have it witnessed.
The only two names in “official” Swiss Army knives are Victorinox and Wenger Only they are authorized to use the name “Swiss Army knife” and to bear the Swiss cross on the handle.
Brief history (appearing in alphabetical order):
Victorinox: In 1884, Karl Elsener opened his cutlery workshop in Ibach, Switzerland.
In 1891 he obtained the first contract to supply the Swiss Army with a “Soldier Knife”.
Six years later, he invented the “Swiss Officer’s Knife” which was officially registered on June 12 1897. Since that time, the Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife has become well known in more than 100 countries for precision, quality, functionality and versatility.
Victorinox guarantees all multi-tools to be first class stainless steel and provides a lifetime guarantee against any defect in material and workmanship.
Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Knives have been continuously supplied to the Swiss Army since 1908. Every adult male Swiss citizen is either an active army soldier or a reservist, and a knife is issued to each.
Over the years, Wenger has added many new-patented features to the civilian versions of the “Officer’s Issue” Today there are over 200 models, sold in more then 100 countries.
Wenger has a limited lifetime warranty.
Ownership guidelines:
A) No drawer queens, (a knife that is purchased just to set in a drawer and never be used) Swiss Army knives whether they are Victorinox or Wenger are not made to be
“Drawer queens” there are exceptions to every rule though, the $180,000 Diamond studded Executive is an example.
B) Moral clause, whenever you see an individual purchasing a Swiss Army want-a-be
(a cheap knock off made in Taiwan, China etc.) You are obligated to explain to them that is an inferior product and that the only two companies recognized and authorized to call themselves Swiss Army knives is Victorinox and Wenger.
On this day ___________ I _____________ being of sound mind and body do by enter this contract without promise or coercions.