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    Well it’s time for another look at another silly SAK from the Urban Chameleon lineup- this month, it’s the aptly named Rat.  While it is synthetic fur, it really does look like genuine rat skin!  Someone really went all out on this one!

    As we learned last month, had managed to give me a “home” where I could indulge myself with like minded individuals, if not specifically SAK info, then at least with the knowledge that there were other, very normal knife collector’s out there.  In this month’s installment we see how SOSAK got started, why it has such a lofty name and why it’s only visible to members.

    I was lucky enough recently to get a lightly used Wenger Spotlight from another SOSAK member (Thanks SwissMan) and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.  While it isn’t the brightest flashlight out there (not even close!) It is a pretty neat little knife in it’s own right!

    For those even remotely familiar with the knife and tool industry the mere mention of the SHOT or BLADE shows is enough to get one’s mouth watering!  These are the two big knife conventions where manufacturers can be expected to roll out all of the new goodies for the coming year, and the 2008 SHOT Show in Las Vegas is no different.  Very likely by the time you read this I will have arrived there for a very special purpose!

    There are certain models of knives and multitools that I have resigned myself to never having either because finding them is virtually impossible or they are fantastically expensive when they are found.  The Wenger PocketGrip with the needle nose is one of those.

    I recently found and won a very strange SAK on eBay- it looks like an old Soldier model with a rounded awl, which in itself would be interesting enough, but this one has some other, more fascinating features.