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    Continuing on the Urban Chameleon series from last month we’ll be looking at the “Alien From Mars” this month.  Almost identical to last month’s “Alien From Uranus” the Martian is green and black rather than blue and black.  The scales are still textured with the same textile scale pattern (scaled scales- confused yet?) as the Alien from Uranus.

    The naming of this one is interesting as well- being the Alien from Mars, one would think that it would be red scales on a black textile background since Mars is a red planet- my guess is the designers were thinking more about the “little green men” than the actual surface of the planet.

    The Alien From Mars is also built on the familiar Victorinox Waiter/Bartender model just like the Alien from Uranus, as are all of the Urban Chameleon series.  The Alien From Mars was originally listed at  CHF 39.00 and is model number 991.1.031.1 for those keeping track!

    Fortunately, these are the only two “Aliens” in the series and we’ll have something a little different next month!