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SOSAK member NutSAK was gracious enough to offer these datasheets
regarding cellidor, aka the plastic like material used in SAK scales.

    The Rescue Tool is perhaps the most innovative SAK to have come along in quite some time.  Victorinox, well known for their traditional designs really broke the mold and took most folks by surprise when this one came out.

My first knife was a Swiss Army Knife that my grandfather gave to me.  Although the knife was lost long ago, I will never forget my astonishment as I opened and closed each tool, wondering about the function and marveling at the design.  Many of you probably had similar childhood experiences.

You see much written about "standard" size 91mm and 84mm SAKs and the diminutive 58mm SAKs, but what about that "odd ball" 74mm series?

In my opinion, this is a highly overlooked and under rated option for your EDC "arsenal".

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007 SOSAK Mods!

    One of the greatest complaints among SOSAK members is the partially serrated blade found on the One Handed Trekker and other OH series knives.  It is a recurring conversation topic in the forum and has resulted in several articles from serration removal to mods and has confused many others as the serrated potion of a combo edged knife is usually at the base of the blade rather than at the tip.  Others insist that while it is different, it is also quite useful, and many prefer the serrations at the tip to the base, or even to a plain edge.  However, almost everyone will agree that there should be a plain edge option.

If you're not real familiar with me, I'm not surprised.  I'm a relative new comer to SOSAKonline.  My name is Chris and I go by the handle of RedRamage on the KnifeForum boards.  I've been a member for a while, but only recently really started posting in the forums and actively reading the site.  However, I have been collecting for a while and I've built up a large collection including over 70 knifes and a few books.  I tend to specialize in the 58mm size.  I have a VERY large collection of 58mm including 28 different colors of classics and signatures.

Please take the time to read this- it is very important.