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    Well we have a bit of a treat this month- not one, but FOUR SAKs in this month’s Collection Highlights.  Given the excitement building as most folks will receive their 2007 SOSAK Knife of the Year knives this month, it seems only fitting that I show off my wonderful SOSAK Knife of the Year Collection- one of the few complete collections I might add!

First off I'd like to apologize for the late review on the woodsaw portion. The weekend I was going to check it out I was sick with what I think was a mild case of food poisoning.
The week following was just too hot & humid to be playing outdoors. Well I braved the humidity today and here are my thoughts:

This month’s SAK of the Month is a series of commonly overlooked models that should appeal to the minimalists as well as the traditional slip joint fans.  Ordinarily I choose one model (and maybe a similar version or counterpart from the other company) but this month we have a few contenders that share more than just a shield.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the 84mm blade only models.

I’ve been wanting to make a custom knife for Tim C for a while now, but either haven’t had the time, or we couldn’t figure out exactly what knife to make. As you probably know, Tim has a severe fetish (or possible committable disorder) for SAKs with magnifying glasses so we knew that would be included somehow. He has done a great job amassing just about every model out made, but they are all 91mm.

I remember seeing my first (old) GAK and not even knowing it was a GAK.
Let me explain.

Lord knows, with two or three hundred knives around the house, I didn't need another one. But, when I heard that the Wenger Tool Chest Plus was bigger than my Victorinox SwissChamp -- well, I had to have one.

    Even before MacGuyver hit the airwaves, the Swiss Army Knife was well known as the knife that could do it all.  Most people believe that anything can be accomplished with a SAK, and that most SAKs have every tool you will ever need.  Well, SAKs come in all shapes and sizes, but for those folks that absolutely have to be prepared for anything, Victorinox has offered the SwissChamp XAVT!

The Mighty XAVT- perhaps the biggest useable pocket knife on the planet!

I was originally browsing for a new watch, with the points from my credit card, and found they had nothing of interest.  So I took a look around and found I can get an Evo 18!!  I've always wondered how they are, and have been interested for a bit now.

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    This month’s Collection Highlight is one of the oddest SAKs you are likely to encounter.  It has no official name but many SOSAK members refer to it amusingly as “The Toilet Paper SAK.”