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    There are certain SAK tools that one can’t live without- blades, screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, saws, files... but the one tool that is often overlooked is the toothpick.  I have to say, this is the one tool that you simply cannot get around if you need it and don’t have it.

    Often times I say things like “Boy was I wrong about this SAK” and I’m certain longtime readers are bored of hearing it, and/or think I’m an idiot because of all the times I was wrong!  Well I can honestly say that when it comes to the Wenger Alinghi, I was a right as rain!

The Wenger Alinghi model and the Victorinox Helmsman- Two SAKs to make any sailor proud!

    This article may offend some of the traditional slip joint enthusiasts who are also SOSAK members, but this has been nagging at me for some time.  Perhaps I just need more education and experience?

Maximum Minimalism, Bare Essentialism, I believe these are what we call “Urban Legends.”
Or maybe a “wonder of the world” lumped right in there with Big Foot, Loch Ness monster or a decent divorce lawyer. 

Part 1

Many people these days spend there free time out in the countryside, be it hiking, kayaking, cycling or bushcraft, the trouble is how many of those guy's and girl's are actually prepared for what mother nature can throw at them?

    Since the introduction of the OHT, one handed-ness seems to be sweeping Switzerland like wildfire.  As with anything else, one handed opening features aren’t just for blades anymore- if you are going to make a one handed tool, make as much as possible accessible one handed as you can.  It may have taken Victorinox and Wenger many years to come up with a one handed blade design that works for their knives, but why stop there?

You can easily spot the one handed tools by the small lips that overlap the frame of the knife

    This has been in the news a bit lately, but for those who have yet to hear or read about it, the World Trade Organization is trying to force the Swiss Military to open their knife contract to suppliers all over the world.  The thought is that since China can produce some decent quality knives (I know many are groaning at that, but I’ll discuss that later!) at bargain basement prices, they are likely to “win” the contract.  If that happens, the branding that has adorned Victorinox and Wenger products for years will no longer apply to them, and the discount manufacturers of the Orient will be able to cash in on the reputation.

Could '07 be the last year For Victorinox and Wenger's production of Swiss Army Knives?

    This is an excellent question, and one that is asked all the time on the forums- in fact, not just the SOSAK forum on, but on many other forums I belong to or lurk at.  It seems to be one of the most common questions, although depending on the forum it can often be “what watch, multitool, PDA etc is best for...?”

For years the Camper was the "BEST" model for me, as it was all I had.  It also saw more work than any of my other SAKs will see.

I have owned S.I. s and Soldiers but this is the first D.A.K (Dutch Army Knife) I have ever owned.

“A SAK is useless if you have a toolbox”, “You will use it just to peal oranges”, etc... Every owner and enthusiast of SAK’s had listened this phrases one time or another. My own sister and mother said it to me more times than I care to count. I agree with a thing: You never need a SAK… Until you real need it and don’t have it. And it just take one day full of incidents to change this view of my family.