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Bidding is on for the 2007 SOSAK Mods! 

See Felinevet's Shop for details!

    This month’s collectable is something of great interest to me, despite it really not being all that special overall.  It was the defining factor in all of what we have built here on SOSAKOnline, the SOSAK Forum at and other sites that have spun off from this one.  Since I wasn’t the originator of SOSAK I can say without a doubt that there would be a Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives, but I imagine it would have been very different from the one we have today if it weren’t for this knife.

Many thanks to PTHCRPG for the Canadian Ranger decal in the background!

    One of the most important features of a SAK is it’s ability to “do it all” in a small package.  This month’s knife is the living embodiment of SAKdom and something of a sleeper model.  It isn’t a flashy model, it isn’t a large model, and it’s even one the minimalists out there don’t talk about much- the Compact.

I have a few Wenger Catalogues in .pdf format is anyone is interested.  I am also interested in adding some other catalogues to this, so if anyone has any that aren't posted here, please send them to me online casinos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Rather than go with another regular issue model this month I decided we should try something different.  So, I contacted Tim (Felinevet) and see what he suggested.  After rejecting a few different ideas (I wanted something really interesting this month), we decided on the 108mm Safari Series Solo and Solo Plus!

UPDATE:  ALOX Lumberjack order form is now closed!
If you didn't order one, please contact Felinevet, although his stock will be limited.

+Bianco has done it again!  While the newness of the recent re-issue of the Yeoman model is still fresh in our heads and hand, Roger is hard at work collecting orders for a limited release of the exclusive ALOX Lumberjack!

It was just a matter of time before SOSAK got our own HITman!

    As if the original Great Yeoman Conspiracy wasn’t confusing enough, we now have a third version to add to the list, the 2007 SwissBianco Yeoman.

    This is the first in a new segment dedicated to showing some of the interesting pieces in various member’s collections.  I am starting the ball rolling by including an interesting Wenger Commander from my collection, and I invite others to submit pictures and info on interesting knives in their collections for members to enjoy.

Battle of the Bottles...  and some considerations on a one-of-a-kind knife.

Within days, on February 17, my loyal OHT and I will be turning a year of excellent relationship, and I want to celebrate it by sharing some feelings with my friends of the SOSAK.

The author at work with his new best friend