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    This year's SOSAK Mod Competition was pretty fierce and while there were only four entries, there were some fantastic and imaginative  mods done.  I won't say which one I voted for because to be honest, I wanted them all to win.  A huge thank you goes out to all members who participated, and also to all members who supported the competition by voting for their favorites, and placing bids on some of the most unique SAKS available.

    Wenger has been selling the 120mm Ranger series for many years now, and i've never made my preference for them a secret.  I like the bigger blade and i like the bigger saws that are a noticeable amount larger than the comparable Victorinox 111mm size.  However, I have always preferred the one handed opening feature available from Victorinox.  Well, OHT, you have met your match!

Introducing the heavyweight (Swiss)Champ of the world, the Victorinox SwissChamp!

Red and black SwissChamps

    Recently Swissbianco managed to convince Victorinox to create another special run of SAKs for SOSAK members.  The first one was a run of Yeoman models, a faithful recreation of a discontinued favorite, but this time it was a Lumberjack model which was recreated in ALOX!

ALOX and nylon scaled Lumberjacks

The SOSAK HITman chronicles his latest mission.

    The SwissFlame and CampFlame are based on very popular models- the Camper (CampFlame) and Climber (SwissFlame) and differ only by the scissor/saw layer.  The XXLT of course is the "everything but the kitchen sink" model (or at least it was previous to the release of the XAVT!) and so had to include the lighter simply because it had everything else on it.

    So far our SAKs Of The Month have leaned pretty heavily on the Victorinox side of the fence so we’ve decided to try something different this month.  This month, the SAK Of The Month will actually be two similarily equipped models from both Victorinox and Wenger- the Mechanic and the Journeyman.

After waiting 3 years (some 94,608,000 seconds) my quest ended 11 April 2007.

With a few more miles under his belt, and some new equipment tested out, the official SOSAK HITman is back with a short update on his activities. 

UPDATE on the SOSAK Hitman Files

After reading Def’s write up about the Camper I decided to get mine out, dust it off and carry for old times sake.
Being use to an OHT hanging in my pocket I barely notice the Camper, matter of fact I can get my change out without having to remove the knife.