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    They say that any advertising is good if your name is spelled right.  With a name like mine, perhaps this isn’t an arguement I should get into since no one ever spells my name right!  However a great man (Marshall McLuhan, Author of Understanding Media) once said that the medium is the message, and so the question remains- What message are you sending when your company gives SAK knockoffs?

This Classic Knockoff is plainly inferior, even to the untrained eye

    One of the most common questions that gets asked in the forum is “what is the purpose of the hook?”  It seems that the poor utility hook on the backside of any 91mm Victorinox knife produced since 1991, that are also equipped with scissors really does get no respect.  Well, here’s an opportunity to look into it a little bit closer, and perhaps gain some insight.

The hook is so useless that the XAVT is equipped with two!

The redesigned Ranger series of knives from Wenger have really grabbed my attention. Dubbed the New Rangers, there are a total of eighteen different variations shown on the Wenger site HERE and on the preceeding page. Being the multitool nut that I am, I was most interested in the ones with the folding pliers and the folding scissors.

Felinevet reports that none of the folding plier versions are available yet, so in order to slake my thirst I bought a scissors version, the model 172 Gardener.

    The old saying about old bold Soldiers obviously was not coined with the Swiss Army in mind, or at the very least, they never considered the Victorinox Soldier.  As anyone who owns an old Soldier model can attest to, these old SAKs are the exception that proves the rule!

    This month’s offering is perhaps the most successful yet overlooked SAK available- the SwissTool.

Many people may not consider the Victorinox SwissTool to be a true SAK , after all it doesn’t have red scales or look anything like a Soldier model. But let me tell you this tool comes from the very heart of Victorinox  and is a SAK in every way . It is used and respected all round the world by people of all kinds of professions and is adopted by several armies.

SOSAKOnline may look like a one man show sometimes, but in fact it takes a team of good folks helping out to bring you this site, a popular forum and many, many great offers.  Here's your chance to learn a bit about each of the SOSAKOnline Admin Team Members!

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Even though summer has barely started in my neck of the woods I have already been quite busy putting the various Swiss Army Knives in my collection to work.  While there hasn't been any life saving jobs done with them (yet) they have proved invaluable for many more minor jobs.

While it may not be visible, the Wenger Backpacker was an excellent companion to my Tilley hat and Casio G-Shock on this excursion

    Upsets like this years KOTY vote don't happen anywhere but in the movies- and apparently in The Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives!  After an amazing start the Wenger S557 model seemed like the obvious winner, with a full 50% of the votes.

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to see if there are any available

    As promised in a previous Collection Highlights article (Camper, April 07) I am featuring my father's old Champion model with FINBATT UNDOF marked on the scales.