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    I often refer to the innovations developed by Wenger and every so often I’ll actually go into detail about them, but what’s the easiest way for the average member to check them out?  Well, you could use this as an excuse to buy a number of SAKs, (as if any of us need an excuse!) or you could check out the S557.

    Many times I am thought of or called a “knife snob” because I regularly argue the superiority of the humble Swiss Army Knife over other knife types, and the quality of Victorinox and Wenger over other manufacturers.  I don’t think it’s a case of “snobbery” so much as it’s a case of being spoiled by extremely high quality, very low prices and a history as rich and colorful as any other- and more than many.

    The only thing harder to believe than me having once been a small boy is believing that as a small boy, and indeed for most of my life I only had one Swiss Army Knife, which is my well documented, trusty old Camper.  Almost as well documented is the fact that I always longed to have scissors added to it, and I was in heaven when I got my first Huntsman.  Well, today I am visiting the Pearly Gates again with a Scibeer Special.

    It’s been a little while since we had a fun give away and so Tim from Felinevet and I put our heads together and decided the time was right to give someone a new SAK.

    One of the most common questions about the new EVOGrip series from Wenger is how well the textured rubber inserts will last.  Admittedly it’s still early, but I wanted to provide some kind of update to members wondering if these are all they are cracked up to be.

    How could anyone be surprised that this month’s Collection Highlight is the 2007 Annual SOSAK Knife?  Finally, a Collection Highlight that everyone can share!

... and those that followed!

Along about March of 1991, I was employed as a product design engineer for a company in Winona, Minnesota.  One day a lady from the Human Resources Department approached me to say that I was in line for a ten year service award, and would I please choose a gift from the list she presented me with.  Little did I know at the time, that this casual visit was to be the beginning of a long term love affair with Swiss Army Knives.

    Every now and then someone will bring up the topic of the SwissBuck series of knives, and it’s always an interesting discussion.  Basically a group of about 15 knives, made by Wenger through most of the 90's, the SwissBucks were sold by Buck Knives in the US.  Swiss Quality mixed with American styling, and more importantly, a stronger US name and distribution network.

    There’s nothing worse than not having a SAK in your pocket when you need it, especially if you had it in your pocket when you left the house that morning.  Some of the most panicked moments of my life came from when I realized my trusty SAK wasn’t where I left it.  Fortunately I managed to find them eventually, but it was actually a pretty big deal to me at the time.

A variety of lanyard styles in a variety of materials

    This article has little to do with Swiss Army Knives, and lots to do with SOSAK members who have recently started to branch out into other mediums.  Ordinarily I’d simply make mention of it for everyone’s benefit, but there seems to be so much going on lately that it’s worthy of an entire article!