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Please note that all content in this section has been imported from our old Sosakonline website and may contain broken links. We are revising it as we can, but these things take time, and it's a lot of content to get through!

    As is traditional for this time of year we are taking a look back at some of the things that happened that were of interest to SOSAK members.

    I thought about doing these models all at once, but the unique silliness of the Urban Chameleon models demands greater individual attention.

    I’d like to start this article with a plea for anyone knowledgeable about SAK watches to please contact me.  I don’t know anything about them except that they are good quality and I like them.  I have three, and I couldn’t exactly say what models they are, or really any more information than what’s printed on the back.

    In last months article about Wengers innovations I mentioned the plier and scissors moved and I meant to go into greater detail but time makes fools of us all.  So this month I'll be going into more depth with it since I got so many emails asking about it.

    Initially I started this article as an emulation of Dan’s story last month, but it grew somewhat uncontrollably into a history of SOSAK article, which admittedly is something I’d been planning to write for some time.  Of course it is somewhat long, so I’ll break it into sections and present a new part each month until we get through it all!  Here’s the beginning of the series, which goes into my own personal discovery of SAKs.

    Well it figures- I finally get famous by writing the OHT article for Tactical Knives magazine and Victorinox turns around and changes everything on me!  Oh well, C’est la guerre!

Tonight’s bout will be a grueling winner takes all event. 20 minutes of hand-to-hand comparisons, I don’t envy anyone that’s in the ring tonight.

You’re right Swiss Man, The OLD has the experience but the NEW has the features that people are asking for.  Tonight is anyone’s guess; let’s go to the referee.

Well I finally got the glitch sorted out properly, and I felt it was only appropriate to finally post the Ugly SAK Winner!

    A while back I wrote a review of the neck rigs available from On/Scene Tactical, and now it’s about time to look at the neck sheaths.  Eric sent me a number of them recently, and I think it’s only fair that I tell everyone how great they are!

    Anyone who has ever tried to compare similar models from Victorinox and Wenger knows that even comparable models don’t often match up all that well.  Sizes are off (standard sized Vics are 91mm while standard Wengers are 85mm, closer to the Victorinox 84mm range, in which there isn’t much of a selection), tool compliment can be close but is rarely exact (Wenger uses a nail file in many places that Victorinox uses a small blade), and of course with the introduction of Evolution and EVOGrip scales, the differences are even more pronounced.  So, naturally, I have another shootout in mind!