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After reading Def’s write up about the Camper I decided to get mine out, dust it off and carry for old times sake.
Being use to an OHT hanging in my pocket I barely notice the Camper, matter of fact I can get my change out without having to remove the knife.
Thinking back at how this little miracle came into my life. It all started some 20+ years ago while stationed at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico in a small convenience store. 
The display case faced the front door it was the first thing I would see when I went in and the last thing I would see leaving, after days / weeks of debating I finally gave in.
My problem wasn’t money or not knowing the brand. It was I already owned a pocketknife and back then I only bought stuff when it was absolute necessary. 
My policy was, when I lost something or it broke / wore out I would replace it no sense having more then one of an item (boy has that changed).
So what did I do, I gave away my pocketknife.
The tweezers was the very first thing I used, some cactus have a soft looking needle but once you touch them they are like fiberglass they embed and are very hard to find and get out.
After that it was my first EDC (before I knew what an EDC was) I was assigned to the traffic platoon and our mission was to go into the desert and block off roads that no one has gone down for years.
Lots of hour’s lot of nothing to do, so I starting taking things apart in the truck like the dashboard, tail lights, etc.
While stationed in Germany I used my Camper to repair an electric gate switch, it was that or go outside every time someone came down and jimmy the lock with my blade.
Then the green-eyed monster infected me, another soldier had a Camper but his bottle opener locked at a 90 and his awl had a sewing eye.
To make matters worse someone else had a Swiss Champ.
Talk about blade envy; just think of all the stuff I can do with that.
After I got out of the service I bought me a Swiss Champ and gave my friend my Camper (which his kids quickly lost).
To this day I really don’t know how many SAKs I own but I do know that I don’t have a Swiss Champ and yes I do have another Camper.