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With a few more miles under his belt, and some new equipment tested out, the official SOSAK HITman is back with a short update on his activities. 

UPDATE on the SOSAK Hitman Files

The Leatherman PST and the Victorinox OHT have served this HITMAN faithfully.

It’s with a mixture of sadness and great joy I bid them goodbye and welcome their replacements. The Victorinox Spirit and Rescue Tool.

There are rules for riding in a state vehicle you must wear a seatbelt. As you can see in the photo the belt does no good so a booster seat is needed.

Once they are settled in the booster then the seat is properly secured with a seat belt.

Remember rule number one with working on the highway, Safety First.

P.S  Since the PST and OHT are retired they figured it was best for them to go home.

For more information on the SOSAK HITman, see the Introduction!