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UPDATE:  ALOX Lumberjack order form is now closed!
If you didn't order one, please contact Felinevet, although his stock will be limited.

+Bianco has done it again!  While the newness of the recent re-issue of the Yeoman model is still fresh in our heads and hand, Roger is hard at work collecting orders for a limited release of the exclusive ALOX Lumberjack!

The Lumberjack is also known as the Plumber in certain ares, and is fairly rare.  It features a main blade, combo tool and wood saw, and is normally done in cellidor or nylon.  These are ALOX, making them thinner and stronger!

I am certain I speak for everyone here when I say "Thanks Roger! And Thanks Mr. Elsener for making these for us!"

Fill in the order form HERE and reserve yours today!

Unfortunately, prices have not been released yet for the ALOX Lumberjack- as soon as I know what it is I will post it.

I have been given the pricing information on the ALOX Lumberjacks.  They will sell for $25/knife plus shipping to your location!  If you haven't ordered, do so now, as the Order Form closes on Monday, March 26th, 2007.  After that, there will be no more orders taken!