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    Rather than go with another regular issue model this month I decided we should try something different.  So, I contacted Tim (Felinevet) and see what he suggested.  After rejecting a few different ideas (I wanted something really interesting this month), we decided on the 108mm Safari Series Solo and Solo Plus!

    This is the first discontinued model we’ve celebrated as a SAK of the month, and the 108mm series has always been readily available and pretty popular, from the aussie online casinos old German Army Knives to the Mausers, right down to the Solos and Solo Pluses that we are offering this month.  The 108mm series was discontinued when the German Army contract switched from the 108mm size to the more robust, one handed opening Trekker type knife.

    Tim has listed these models at $10.50 for the Solo, which features just a main blade and the $12.50 for the Solo Plus which adds a corkscrew and mini screwdriver.  Both models are a great compromise between the portability of the 91mm series, and the extra large blade of the 111mm series, and well worth checking out if you haven’t got one already!

   And there's the added bonus of being discontinued, and a great SAK to add to your collection!  I'd also suggest checking out the other 108mm models in the series.