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    One of the greatest complaints among SOSAK members is the partially serrated blade found on the One Handed Trekker and other OH series knives.  It is a recurring conversation topic in the forum and has resulted in several articles from serration removal to mods and has confused many others as the serrated potion of a combo edged knife is usually at the base of the blade rather than at the tip.  Others insist that while it is different, it is also quite useful, and many prefer the serrations at the tip to the base, or even to a plain edge.  However, almost everyone will agree that there should be a plain edge option.

    Ten years ago, almost all tactical type knives were combo edged because it gave the impression of “the best of both worlds” and the serrated portions would catch and cut things that plain edges would bounce off of, like leather, rope and Thinsulate.  Of course, the fad really only lasted a few years until folks realized that what they were getting may be great when under attack by spelunking ninjas dressed in the latest fashions, but for day to day tasks they were really looking at two half sized blades rather than one versatile blade.  So, as a result, much of the knife buying public started moving back towards either fully plain or fully serrated blades.  Victorinox didn’t really fall into the combo edge trap as they never really appealed to the tactcial types, but the German military contract that the OHT was developed for stipulated a combo edged blade, and the partially serrated OH blade was developed.

Blade comparison between the plain edged OHT and the standard blade found on the Rescue Tool

    Recently, through our own Roger (SwissBianco), Victorinox has heard the pleas of SOSAK members to get a plain edged version of the OHT, and has responded with ten prototype blades, one of which is lodged firmly in my collection!  The plain edge OHT is the answer to many SOSAK member’s prayers for a factory issue plain edge blade, but is also much more than that!

    The PE-OHT also features some other important differences, which have also been suggested by SOSAK members over the years.  It includes a corkscrew rather than the standard phillips, which is in my mind one of those “grass is greener” arguments.  Make a model with a phillips and everyone wants the corkscrew.  Make a model with a corkscrew and everyone wants the phillips!  This is why most Victorinox designs are issued with both- see the Maximum Versatility article for details.  Unfortunately, corkscrew OHT’s have been hard to come by, although they are available.

    The other really neat innovation here to answer the desires of many members are the StayGlo scales, similar to the ones found on the Rescue SAK.  They are virtually identical to the Rescue Tool’s scales, only without “RESCUE TOOL” printed on them.  The great thing about the StayGlo scales is that they are easily visible in the light as well as the dark, and therefore great for hunters, campers or late night dog walkers.  You won’t lose this one!

Clear Kydex sheath made by Roger

    While I won’t say this is the perfect SAK, it certainly does make for a great leap forward, and it’s all thanks to Mr SwissBianco himself, Roger.  Thanks buddy, and keep up the GREAT work!