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You see much written about "standard" size 91mm and 84mm SAKs and the diminutive 58mm SAKs, but what about that "odd ball" 74mm series?

In my opinion, this is a highly overlooked and under rated option for your EDC "arsenal".

The flagship model of the 74mm series is the Executive. 
The Executive consists of :
Large blade
Small blade
Nail file/nail cleaner
Tooth pick and tweezer
...and the one implement that sets it apart from all others.  The orange peeler/screwdriver.

I won't waste time on the standard SAK implements.  Enough has already been written about them.  Let's take a look at some of the Executive's unique features...

The nail file/cleaner.

The Executives nail file is considered by many to be the best of any SAK.  It does not have the "strippled" texture that most have, but actual file teeth.  The tip is well designed as a nail cleaner, and makes an excellent driver for small phillips head screws.

The Orange peeler.

This is one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated tools found on any SAK. 
The inner edge is inserted at the top of the orange and drawn around to score the skin.  The serrated scraper is then used to peel the skin off and scrape away the pith.  With a little practice, you will see just how well designed this tool is.
The serrated portion is also great for cutting tough materials like reinforced packing tape so that you don't tear up the edge of your main blades.
It is topped with a slotted screwdriver tip for smaller screws.

The tips of the nail file and orange peeler will handle many screws found on small household appliances and electronics.
The Executive started it's life under another name, the Companion.  Just when the name change occured remains a mystery to me.
There have been several variations (some of them pictured) over the years.  With and without keyring/toothpick/tweeezers.  Serrated blade.  Metal handles, both alox and stainless steel (known as the Director in stainless).

The Executive is as much at home in the bottom of a man's pocket as it is in a woman's purse.  It's big enough for most of your daily cutting needs, yet small enought to stash most anywhere.
If you are looking for something "a little different", the Executive just might be the SAK for you.