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My name is Tom Meeker, many of you know me as Rotokid. I have been a collector of many things over the years such as Baseball cards, tools, knives and a few others. When my father Tim (Felinevet) became involved with selling Swiss army knives to help fund his non profit organization I began to really look at Swiss army knives from a collectors point of view.

I quickly saw the quality and value of the knives as well as the  availability of older models at a reasonable price for collecting. Soon after that I was made aware of SOSAK. Once in the forum I found that it was a great place to be for a number of reasons but the number one reason is clearly the people. A common topic was  "modding" and it sounded like fun. I soon found that i needed to buy products from many different stores in order to modify my SAK's. I opened my shop so that anyone who wanted to mod could find what they needed in one place. I am always looking for more products and ideas to bring to my friends at SOSAK.

Tom Meeker (Rotokid)
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