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    How could anyone be surprised that this month’s Collection Highlight is the 2007 Annual SOSAK Knife?  Finally, a Collection Highlight that everyone can share!

    In case you aren’t aware, the 2007 SOSAK Knife Of The Year is the Wenger EvoGrip 16 with the SOSAK logo and the year laser etched into the rubber of the grip.  This makes for what could be the most usable of all the annual SOSAK knives, because the others have the logos and years silk screened onto the scales.

    So what is the Wenger EVOGrip 16?  I assume by now that everyone knows what the Knife of The Year is, and if not, it’s well documented both here and at but folks may not be aware of the specific model that was used.

    The first thing you notice about the EVOGrip 16, and the entire EVOGrip series, is the fancy contoured scales, with textured rubber inserts.  Long term carry shows that the EVOGrip series holds up quite well, but that’s another article entirely!

    Similar in complement to the Victorinox Climber, the EVOGrip 16 has a main blade, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, rear mounted phillips and awl.  The small blade on the Climber is replaced with the standard Wenger nail file on the EVOGrip 16, which is an arrangement that I personally prefer.  The small blade is not without it’s advantages, but I like having the extra function of the nail file.  Of course, it isn’t quite as important nowadays since I rarely go anywhere without my Swiss Clipper!

    Of course, this year’s knife shines with more than just standard features and comfortable scales.  The laser etched logo is just as permanent as the surrounding rubber, and the hinged presentation box is also nothing to sneeze at.  The box comes nestled in a beautiful embossed cardboard sleeve.  All in all I am quite impressed with Travis’ fantastic work in finding this one and setting it up for all of us.  How the heck he continually out does himself, I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!