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Maximum Minimalism, Bare Essentialism, I believe these are what we call “Urban Legends.”
Or maybe a “wonder of the world” lumped right in there with Big Foot, Loch Ness monster or a decent divorce lawyer.  I have never seen the Loch Ness monster but there is a small part of me that believes. So if I can believe in Nessie then I guess I can believe in an EDC with no “back ups”.
Though I have stopped trying to achieve this years ago. I have given in to the fact that I need (want) more then one SAK with me.
Everyday I carry the Spirit and Wenger nail clipper. It’’s the third knife that fluctuates, sometimes it’’s the S.I. or an Evo Grip 18 or maybe the O.H.T. (everybody needs an O.H.T)
Then I remembered the saying ““variety is the spice of life”” maybe some people are perfectly content with one EDC.
It might not be a Zen state or even a Yoda / Jedi achievement, maybe it is simply some people like to carry more then one knife.
I once knew a man that carried four different knives with him, one in each pocket. One for paper, one for rope, one for cardboard the other for misc. uses.
He actually had them sharpened to different angles for their specific purpose.
My father in law has carried one knife for several years. He cut rope, opened letters, cleaned fingernails, peeled apples, opened oil cans (that’’s how old I am).
I find that in the world of SAK owners we tend to have this problem more then others.
Maybe this ““condition”” is worthy of a federal grant to study.
Maybe we are just ““nuts““ about our knives.
My advice is simple. ””Carry what you are comfortable with, what you like to use and what you like to look at.”” ““Carry what is right for you.””
This was just for fun, hope you enjoy it.