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    Upsets like this years KOTY vote don't happen anywhere but in the movies- and apparently in The Secret Order of Swiss Army Knives!  After an amazing start the Wenger S557 model seemed like the obvious winner, with a full 50% of the votes.

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to see if there are any available
    By the end of the voting however, David returned to beat Goliath!  The smallest model, the Wenger EVOGrip 16 pulled ahead and ended up with double the votes of either of the other choices.  

    So, without further lollygagging, I am pleased to announce that the Wenger EVOGrip 16 is the official 2007 SOSAK Knife of the Year!

    The Order Form is up!- I don't suggest you miss out on this one because once they are gone, you won't see them again.  The annual knives are available by pre order for a limited time only!