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    Often I am asked what the use of a small SAK like a Classic, Rambler, Esquire or Swisscard is.  After all, the blade is so small it really can't be good for much, right?

What good is a small SAK like this SwissCard Quattro?

    Wrong!  Many times I will leave the house without a SAK of multi (SAKriledge I know!) and not realize it until it is too late.  In those cases, the trusty keyring SAK or the SwissCard tucked neatly into my PDA case can be a lifesaver.  Don't believe me?  Think about it- what kinds of things do you use your SAK for on a regular basis?  Opening mail, opening boxes, cutting off a thread from clothing, picking the gunk out from your teeth, cleaning your nails, removing splinters.  Which one of those jobs couldn't be handles by a 58mm, 63mm or Swisscard?

    In fact, ask any police officer what kind of damage a small 58mm blade can do and I imagine he/she will probably shudder at the thought.  Proof that even a small blade is still a respectable force.  The former Grand Toolmaster of this very Secret Order once used a Classic to field dress a roadkill deer on Thanksgiving.  I imagine it wasn't an optimum choice, but it was handy, making it the best choice!

Three tiny little SAKs that can be worth their weight in gold- A +Bianco anodized titanium Classic, Broker and Wenger Esquire

    Then there's the added bonus of not having to put up with folks breaking into an erstwhile MacGuyver theme, or being startled that someone has a knife!  Somehow, if it came off your keychain, it probably isn't a threat.  I don't know how the heck that is supposed to make a difference but to many people it does!

    Discounting small SAKs is a mistake that I hope none of us here are guilty of.  After all, it's not the size of the SAK, it's how you use it!