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The Completion Knot can be used with both the Round and Square Knots.  It seems a little complicated so don't get discouraged if it takes you a couple tries to get it right.

The Hangman's Knot is also known as a Noose or (to Knife Enthusiasts!) as a Chris Reeve Knot.  Its easy and effective, and like any other knot, can be adorned with fancy beads.  The big benefit of it is that it can be done with almost any length or type of cord, and if using paracord, you can retain the inner strands- very handy in a survival situation.

At the risk of turning into another SAK vs Multi discussion, I thought I would compare and contrast the one handed flagships from Victorinox and Leatherman.  On one side, we have the Victorinox One Handed Trekker (OHT), and on the other, the Leatherman Wave.  Rather than try to decide how to compare a plier tool to a knife, I am going to look at it as which would be preferable if one was to only carry one of them.

With regards to Paul, the original Maximum Minimalist!

    Swiss Army Knives have always been recognized as being versatile gadgets with a myriad of tools to cover virtually any occasion from pooping a cork to replacing a distributor cap and rotor.  In fact, the term "Swiss Army Knife" has become synonomous with versatility.  How often do you hear the phrase "This is the Swiss Army Knife of ..." to describe a be all tool of whatever situation it is designed for?  With knives like the SwissChamp series, the ToolChest Plus series and the WorkChamp series, it's no wonder that folks think they can do just about anything at all, at any time with a Swiss Army Knife.

While the Swiss Army Knife provides an excellent amount of outdoor utility, it is good to also carry a larger fixed blade on longer outings. Some of the best outdoor knives have convex grinds. The following information should prove useful in deciding whether a convex ground knife is right for you.

In order to facilitate our unofficial eBay policies, SOSAKOnline presents the eBay Auction List. 

Collecting Swiss Army Knives is a growing hobby. Just by looking at the numbers if people who are signing up for SOSAK,, the Victorinox Collector's Society and so on, SAK Collecting is becoming quite an industry unto itself.

    A couple of weeks ago I got a rig in the mail from Eric at On Scene Tactical to fit my OHT.  Anyone who has seen my vacation pics (see the SAKtivity Gallery) knows how much I enjoyed the neck rig I have for my regular Trekker but I always wanted one for the OHT, which I think is one of the best knives that one can carry in the woods.

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