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    Often times the question of how to successfully remove scales comes up in the SOSAK forum at and the answers usually vary by about the same number of folks who post responses!  I was planning on posting this in the FAQ section, but I got a few too many pictures to post in a brief format like the FAQ's.  So, here is how I remove SAK scales.

    The only tool you will need is another SAK, preferably a Victorinox, and preferably with the can opener.  The broad flat blade of the can opener is ideal for getting under the scale and levering it off.

Step One:  Remove the tweezers and toothpick from the “patient” in order to make a small opening to get the can opener into.

Step Two:  Slide the can opener into the toothpick (or tweezer) slot and pop the scale off the first rivet.

Step Three:  Slide the can opener down the length of the “patient” until the scale is separated from the knife.

Step Four:  The scale should simply fall off the knife, and you are now ready for new scales.