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    A couple of weeks ago I got a rig in the mail from Eric at On Scene Tactical to fit my OHT.  Anyone who has seen my vacation pics (see the SAKtivity Gallery) knows how much I enjoyed the neck rig I have for my regular Trekker but I always wanted one for the OHT, which I think is one of the best knives that one can carry in the woods.

    That having been said, I contacted Eric and asked him if he would do it- he has them listed on his site, so it wasn’t a problem for him to put one together for me to try out.  It wasn’t long before it showed up, and let me tell you, this is sheath is GREAT!

    But I am getting ahead of myself again.  Eric offers a variety of options, from a strictly neck type sheath (although it can be lashed almost anywhere) like the ones I have, to a full blown belt type and can also incorporate other tools like a firesteel, hone or pretty much whatever else you like.  Kydex is a very adaptable medium and Eric works it like Mozart worked the keys on a baby grand.

    The only issues I usually have with kydex rigs is that they retain moisture which is usually a very bad thing for knives, or whatever else you have in them. Moisture is a BIG concern when you live on the coast like I do and it rains about 364.5 days a year!   I always end up drilling a hole in them for drainage, but since these sheaths are designed to be worn “upside down” with the main opening at the bottom, drainage is not an issue with these sheaths.

    I have often commented on how well suited the OHT is to a cold winter, and use with gloves/mittens, and this rig allows you to draw the knife quickly and comfortably no matter what you are wearing, and more importantly, allows it to be resecured easily too.  And the satisfying POP when it locks into place lets you know you aren’t going to be searching for it in the spring!  This is a very important option for anyone who spends any time in the snow, around water, or anywhere else where you wouldn’t be able to just bend down and pick up your knife easily.

    In fact, I don’t suggest anyone tries this, but after securing the paracord to the sheath, I then swung it over my head for a bit to see if it would dislodge, but I almost took off long before it did so I stopped.  I also tried shaking it pretty vigorously and there was no sign of it moving.

    In short, you have almost unlimited options, good pricing, exceptional workmanship and service, not to mention excellent retention and easy draw.  What more could you want?

    For more pictures, our own Felinevet has some of Eric’s sheaths available, or you can visit Eric’s site at

    Also if you want to see the sheath in action, click here