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Please note that all content in this section has been imported from our old Sosakonline website and may contain broken links. We are revising it as we can, but these things take time, and it's a lot of content to get through!

Enter now for your chance to win great gear from Travis at:

Each day from now until January 27th, we will post member's SAKtivity submissions in the Day's SAKtivity section.  Every member who has a pic posted will be automatically entered to win a SOSAK Mug and carabiner set from Travis!

The SOSAKOnline Stainless Mug is a great way to carry SOSAKOnline with you everywhere you go, and is printed on both sides so lefties out there can enjoy them as well!

And what better way to keep your keys or SAK safe than to have an official SOSAKOnline carabiner to clip them to your belt, backpack or other gear?

All you have to do is send a SAKtivity pic to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a brief description (2 lines should do it!), your name (forum and real) and address then visit SOSAKOnline every day to see it posted!  The contest closes on Friday, January 27th and the poll opens the same day so that members can vote on their favorite pic.  Whichever pic gets the most votes wins, and the person who submitted it gets the SOSAKGear!

And here's the best part- the best picture wins so you can enter as often as you like!  Pictures will be posted in the order they are received and voting will run from Friday, January 27th to Sunday January 29th with the winner being notified and announced on Monday, January 30th.

What constitutes a SAKtivity pic?  SAK use. Don't pose the knife in a pretty tree, or with a nice backdrop- just take a pic (or have someone else snap your pic) while a SAK is being used. Oh, and make sure to let us know what SAK you are using!  If in doubt, send it anyways, and you might be surprised, or check out the SAKtivity gallery!

Good luck!