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I have always loved knives. Big knives, small knives, folders or fixed blades. High end and simple knives. I have collected and used knives my whole life but the one knife I never had till I was an adult was a Swiss Army Knife. Once I discovered the SAK I have systematically sold or traded most of my tacticals and other fancy knives and focused mostly on SAKs.

I have a nonprofit charity corporation and am always looking for fundraising opportunities. When I found that, through NTSA confiscations, I could get large lots of used SAKs relatively inexpensively I decided that I could combine my love of SAKs with a way to raise money for the nonprofit.

After that I became hopelessly addicted to SAKs. I especially favor rare and discontinued models like the Victorinox Mauser, Scientist, and all the Red Alox Models. I get the best of all worlds. I get to see and handle hundreds of SAKs before they're sold and I have been able to build a great personal collection.

SAKs don't have the highest end steel and some other “tactical” qualities but they are, without a doubt, the most versatile, durable, useable knife tools around. They are inexpensive but they are definitely NOT cheap!

I have SAKs in my pocket, glove compartment, tool kit, survival packs, desktop and darn near anywhere else where I am or could be. When they say: “Try a SAK and you won't go back”, they are absolutely right!