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Alot has been said lately about giving up the sleek tantos, carbon fiber, titanium and fancy integrated ambidextrous locking systems and high tech steels for the simple SAK.
 This idea no doubt shocks alot of folks, especially those who have a collection of custom folders and fixed blades capable of opening an Abrams M1A1 in a single swipe. These folks certainly have a point, to an extent- if you are ever forced to use a knife to defend yourself, your home or anyone/thing else, you are going to want the largest, toughest, scariest knife you can get your hands on and you likely won't have time to go get one. Point well taken- as a Security Specialist I fully understand the desire to be prepared for potential close quarters combat, and yet a quick look at my duty belt shows spaces for SAKs and multi-tools and no space for a large fixed blade or tactical folder. Here are my reasons why I alway.s carry a SAK rather than a tactical folder:

1- Practicality. While a tac folder may be a better combat weapon, I find myself needing the versatility of the scissors, screwdrivers, saw, tweezers and so on more than I have to fight for my life.

2- Liability. Slicing and dicing a half dozen opponents may make better movies, but the reality is that you will often spend alot of time justifying your actions to Officer Tsetz and a judge then you would using a SAK as an impact device.

3- Affordability. How many SAKs can you buy for the cost of one Sebenza, especially when shopping with our in-house dealers, Tim and Rich?

4- Tactically. Wait, SAKs beating TACTICAL KNIVES at being tactical? What the heck did I drink this morning?!? Well, it's true. Tactics are strategy and the best strategies are imaginative, inventive and intelligent. The better your resources are, the better your strategy and the more "tactical" you are. Having more tools means more options.

5- Expendability. While we may cringe at the possibility of loss or damage to our beloved SAK, we know they are the first tools we reach for when there's serious work to be done, partially because of their reliability (although that is a catagory all it's own!) and partially because it's easily replaced- unless it is a Scientist, Yeoman or Mauser! This is something the tactical knife enthusiasts agree with, and you often see them carry SAKs for the dirty jobs that their other knives are "too good for."

6- Reliability. A SAK is a good, solid tool that will last lifetime no matter how badly you treat it. Guaranteed. And, in the off chance it doesn't, send it back and get a shiny new one! What more could you want?

7- Historically. How many companies have been around anywhere near as long as either Victorinox or Wenger? Not too many I'll bet. And out of those companies, how many of them have had their products cross the Sahara, climb Mount Everest or journey into space? I'm quite certain the list just got significantly shorter...

So it looks to me like the SAK wins hands down in every way. And with our resident modders hard at work it also looks like the fancy materials and mechanisms formerly reserved for tactical knives are also firmly embedded in our world too.

I think that tactical knives may soon be like sports cars- sexy looking toys for folks who have to compensate for something.