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This is a braid that I have learned recently, is not very dificult except by the first movements. I obtained the instructions from the book EL Guasquero by Don Luis A. Flores

an example of the braid

This braid this thought be made out of leather, but it could be done with paracord or similar rope, personally i like this braid to make lanyards of leather to the folders and this way be able to unsheath them easylly

This drawing is taken from the book el Guasquero by Don Luis A. Flores. In in can be seen the movements necessary to begin and to continue the braid

In the first step do a loop in the middle of the leather strip and take back the end that is below the other.

in the second step, you must use the strip that was over the other and then do an "S" letter. at first go below the other end and returning over forming a loop. (second drawing)

now is only matter of passing a loop inside the other and tighten well the braid

in the third drawing can be seen how to continue with the braiding. is just matter of forming a loop with the free strip inside the loop made with the other, the tighten the loop and continue till the required lenght.

in order to finish the braid, the whole free goes throught the loop and the tighten this loop tightlly

this braid must be done slowlly at first till youcan domitate the technique. A round awl can be of some help to loosen the wrong braided loops ;)

som pics from finished braid