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ALOX is beautiful and functional.  What better material for the REAL Swiss Army Issue Knife? I'll admit, like alot of folks, I got into ALOX long after the more "traditional" red scaled cellidor models.  As with most people, at one point I thought there was only the regular red plastic handles SAK, and that if it didn't have that, it probably wasn't real.

Then I got my first Soldier model and that put an end to that!

Now I have most of the ALOX models in current production and in more than just the standard silver ALOX.  And I have more on the way.  And I will continue to grab them wherever possible.  They are a great example of form and function.  The scales survive longer than their cellidor counterparts and the tools are thicker and heavier duty so they work harder and longer.  One has to wonder how the Swiss Army hasn't taken over the world yet!

Even for someone like me, who likes to have a larger knife with more tools available, I have come to love ALOX since all the tools I use most often are the main blade, screwdrivers and can openers.  I HATE electric can openers!

From left to right the knives are:

Victorinox Pioneer
Victorinox Red Farmer
Victorinox Copper Cadet
Victorinox Money Clip (Red one on the bottom)
Victorinox Electricial Plus
Victorinox Secretary (Red one just above the Money Clip)
Victorinox Sterling Classic (Not a real ALOX model, but pretty nonetheless!)
Victorinox Farmer
Wenger Standard Issue (note the bail)
Victorinox Electrician (Note the lack of a standard shield on this one)
Victorinox Red Pioneer (Top right)
Victorinox Soldier (Far right)

Anyone who is interested in a hard working tool that will give them a lifetime of service should seriously consider an ALOX model.

You won't be disapointed!