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Please note that all content in this section has been imported from our old Sosakonline website and may contain broken links. We are revising it as we can, but these things take time, and it's a lot of content to get through!

Green ALOX

    One of the neat things I found on the recent trip to Maine was a nice 74mm green ALOX SAK, which I'll admit, I couldn't recall the name of.  I picked it up at Freeport Knife Company for song, despite it being  rare model that was still brand new in the box.  I love treasures like that!

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Fake Rescue Comparison

    It may seem like we are beating a dead horse by running yet another look at the knockoff Rescue Tools found on eBay, but after last month's article I go a number of emails asking for more specific differences, and now that I have the fake in my hands (Thanks Neil!), I can post some detailed comparison shots that might help SOSAK members avoid them in the future.

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How big was MacGyver's SAK Collection?

We may never know just how many SAKs were kicking around the set of the MacGyver TV show, but thanks to dedicated SOSAK member DrummerBMac, we now know what model(s) were used in each episode!  Ben made the ultimate sacrifice of sitting through every episode for hours on end, replaying the DVD's over and over again until he managed to compile this list, which will soon be moved to SAKWiki.com.

A special thanks to Ben for his efforts in going the distance for his fellow SOSAK members!

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SAK Storage Cabinet

    Recently SOSAK member SwissStu decided to come up with a way to properly store and display his collection.  In typical SAK enthusiast fashion, he decided to build one, and I have to say, he did a heck of a job!

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This being (adapted from a thread on) MultiTool.org I thought I would look a one of the most versatile tools to be found on a SAK, the Victorinox Combo tool.  The Combo tool is found mainly on the smaller 84mm knives with the Compact being the only current 91mm knife to carry the tool.  It notably features on two of the more desirable out of production knives the Scientist and the Yeoman.

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Rescue Review From A Rescue Worker

I was driving home from work Thursday afternoon when a friend phoned me up to tell me there had been a very bad car crash on the main road into my village, I thanked him and said I would alter my route. After hanging up my phone rang again from another friend telling that the school buses couldn’t get through and had been diverted. I then phoned my wife to make sure my girls had got home safe and she had told me the police had taken them off the bus and walked them across a field and around the accident. 3 fire engines , 3 ambulances , 1 air ambulance and more police cars then you could shake a truncheon at .The road was blocked all afternoon but I understand no one was killed but a woman was very badly injured and had to be cut free .

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The Right Tool...

    Okay, I admit it, I have a problem.  I like to use a SAK every chance I get, whether it's the best tool to use or not.  Maybe it's an attempt to justify the extensive collection I have, or prove to those around me that a SAK is the handiest thing going, but for whatever reason, it's always the first tool I reach for, wherever I am.  Even in the kitchen I usually open cans with my SAK as after all these years I've yet to master an electric can opener, and finding a manual can opener in a drawer full of various kitchen utensils and gadgets can be a pain.

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